sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016


My house isn't small, it has got seven rooms and a terrace. In the kitchen there is a cupboard and a fridge to put the food. We wash the dishes in the sink. The hob is next to the sink. We haven't got an oven but we have got a microwave. There are also a table and some chairs. There isn't a dining-room, so the kitchen is also our dining-room. Opposite the kitchen, we have got the living-room. There are two sofas, a table and a plasma TV. In the winter, there is a fireplace. Have you got one? I like being there when it's cold. The bathroom is next to the living-room. There is a big bath, a toilet and two washbasins with a big mirror. In front of the bathroom, there is a bedroom: it is my parents' bedroom and it has got a bed, a wardrobe and two small tables. Next to my parents' bedroom, there is a toilet. My bedroom has got two beds for my sister and me. There is a big wardrobe and two desks to do our homework. We have also got a computer. In my house there is a room with the washing-machine and an ironing board. My favourite place is the terrace, because I can swim in the pool. If you are interested in my house, you can call me. This is my phone number: 643 - 755 - 982. Come and have a look! 

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